The CESMA is an advisory body of the UEMS created in 2007 with an aim to provide recommendation and advice on the organisation of European examinations for medical specialists at the European level.

It was called in the beginning the "Glasgow group" referring to the first meeting held in Glasgow. It was then decided to adopt the name CESME (Council of European Specialist Medical Examinations). This name was finally changed to CESMA (Council of European Specialist Medical Assessment)

Its main role is to:

  • To promote harmonisation of European Board assessments
  • To provide guidelines to the Boards on the conduct of assessments
  • To encourage take up of Board assessments as a quality mark
  • To offer an alternative to National assessments, where appropriate
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Terms of Reference for Quality Control on behalf of the CESMAUEMS of the Examination / Assessments organized by the European Medical Specialists Board operating under the auspices of the UEMS