European Union of Medical Specialists

Training, Qualification and Continuous professional Development of the Medical Specialist in the Future, a Challenge for the UEMS (by Bernard Maillet)

What's the UEMS doing for me?

The UEMS is the largest European Medical Organisation (EMO), with membership comprised of 35 National Medical Associations (NMAs), 39 Specialist Sections and Boards, 11 multi-disciplinary joint committees, 1 thematic federation, and an annual income budget of 1,4 million Euros.

While the core active participation, of just under 1000 medical specialists, is from the EU/EEA/Accession states, the UEMS also has observers from the wider WHO-defined region of Europe.

Key activities of the UEMS include:

- political lobbying (Commission, Parliament, support of NMAs);
- standard setting for training and practice in individual medical specialities;
- the accreditation of CME/CPD.

The "added value“ of the UEMS includes:

- greater strength through mutual co-operation;
- a unified voice in the international representation of medical specialists;
- international excellence in key areas of relevance to the medical profession;
- effective interaction and support between NMAs and the UEMS, and between individual specialities and the UEMS;
- addressing interdisciplinary issues in emerging areas of specialist medical practice;
- setting the basis for the robust accreditation of the educational meetings attended by our colleagues;
- the development of new, harmonised models for the training of the next generation of medical specialists, and of high standards of clinical practice, hence improved care for patients throughout Europe.

So, what can you do for the UEMS? Please add your efforts to our activities!